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Digital Strategy

You want your investment in digital to be a success and generate a nice healthy return. In order to make the most of your digital presence as well as adding to your brand’s reputation it’s important to think about your digital strategy and how it’s going to get you impressive results.

Big Cat offers strategic thinking based on an understanding of how brands can be successful online. From launching a new brand or products to maximising sales opportunities we have the experience to make you thrive online.

An intelligent digital strategy combined with a carefully executed plan, based around your goals and objectives, will allow your brand to maximise the business benefits of digital.

Be strategic and get better results – get in touch to make a start!



Research and understanding

Developing a successful digital strategy starts with research. From understanding your market and competitors and by looking at data from your existing analytics we’re able to get a thorough understanding of your current performance and make recommendations on how to get the most from digital.

Giving your customers what they want is the key to success. We carry out user research to get a perfect understanding of who your customers are and how to target them. We create user personas that replicate your real life customers and analyse their online behavior and goals. We use personas and user journeys to make the process so efficient that they love the experience of using your digital applications.

Content is king

The key to any application or website is not just about the look and design, it’s also about your site’s content and every business with a website should have a clearly defined content strategy. Brilliant content is about conveying a clear and concise message that also reflects the spirit and values of your business. If customers can relate to you through the written word, before they even pick up the phone or visit you, then the battle is already won.

Careful planning and execution

When we’re confident we have a digital strategy that will get your organisation fantastic results we carefully plan the execution. From planning a successful launch and ongoing marketing to analyzing performance and making improvements, we care about your investment and want it to bring the best results possible, that exceed even our high expectations.








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